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We are the Junk Munkez :)


We are a Montreal based designer duo comprised of ;  Xavier Baghdadi, an illustrator/animator with a love for cartoon worlds, and Lea Kirdikian, a scavenging hoarder/product designer with a love for upcycling. 


We design colorfully fun objects for those who seek a lighter and greener side to life. By using eco-conscious ethics in designing eco-friendly products, we are trying to spread DIY and RRR principles to our rather upside down  world - where consumerism and surplus reign supreme.


Our designs can be found in our very humble studio on 1675 East Rachel Street upon demand. 


Our products have been showcased in several local and international exhibitions -

the most recent of which would be IFA's PURE GOLD: UPCYCLED! UPGRADED! decade long touring exhibition starting in Hamburg, Germany. 


We host regular upcycling workshops in Montreal and its direct surroundings for kids and adults (who haven’t lost the kid in them).


For further details concerning upcoming events, exhibitions and workshops,

do check out our Facebook page and Instagram account! 

Have a quick peak!




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